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For Elementary Readers

Do Not Lick this Book

Min is a microbe that lives in this book! Go on an adventure with Min to meet other microbes and get a very up-close look at the world.  



Apply in the Classroom

Do Not Lick this Book is an ideal launching point for exploring the importance of hygiene with your class! This interactive title teaches kids what germs are and how easy it is to pick them up. After reading, reinforce that point by choosing several students to “share” some “germs.” Have these students put lotion on their hands then sprinkle glitter into their palms. Spread these “germs” by having students pass objects to other students. After a minute or so, have everyone gather together to assess where the “germs” have gone. Talk about what students can do to prevent germs from spreading, discuss good hand washing techniques, and then have everyone wash up!

Questions for Discussion or Reflective Writing

Where are some places that microbes live?

Why do you think microbes come in different shapes?

What do microbes do?

How do microbes help us?

What would your life look like without microbes?

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It’s Catching: The Infectious World of Germs and Microbes by Jennifer Gardy