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For Elementary Readers

Finding the Music / En pos de la música

When Reyna accidentally breaks her grandfather’s vihuela, she seeks help in her neighborhood to repair it and discovers his legacy in the community as a mariachi player.

Apply in the Classroom

Reyna accidentally damaging the vihuela leads her to learn more about her grandfather and her community. Inspire students to explore and appreciate how their own families are connected to their neighborhoods. Ask students to brainstorm what makes a community and think about what sights, sounds, and smells make their community special. How do their families contribute to the essence of their neighborhood?

Have students interview a family member about what makes the community special and share their findings with the class to compile a chart or illustrated poster about the great things in your community.

Questions for Discussion or Reflective Writing

What does it mean to be a neighbor?

What communities do you belong to?

What sounds, tastes, and smells can you find in your community?

What does your community look like?

What do neighbors have in common?

Why is diversity (of appearance, values, interests, jobs, etc.) important in a community?

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