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For Elementary Readers

Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story

A modern Native American family shares joy, stories, and history as they come together to make fry bread.

Apply in the Classroom

Get students to challenge stereotypes and explore who American Indians are. Start by investigating the endpapers of Fry Bread, which include the names of hundreds of indigenous nations and communities in the U.S. Help students understand that the terms Native American, American Indian, and Indigenous Americans include many diverse cultures and peoples and that there is no single story that represents what it means to be Native American. Together, explore what a stereotype is and reflect on the role of stereotypes in our society. Talk about what steps the author and illustrator of Fry Bread take to challenge stereotypes of Native Americans. Ask students what steps they can take, or have taken, to challenge stereotypes they encounter and lead a discussion that allows students to share their ideas.

Questions for Discussion or Reflective Writing

What is fry bread? What did you learn about fry bread from this book?

What did you learn about the origin of fry bread?

How is fry bread part of everyday life and special occasions in this book? What foods are part of special occasions that you take part in?

Do you have a favorite food in your family or culture that is special or has a special history? Who makes this special food? How did they learn to make it?

How does food help tell the history of a people? What stories have you heard about foods your family eats?

What are the words on the endpapers of the book?

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