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For Elementary Readers

Tiara’s Hat Parade

When a new store opens that sells cheaper hats, Tiara—and the community she rallies—help revive her mother’s hat-making business.

Apply in the Classroom

Get kids using their heads to celebrate Read Across America Day by making Reading Hats! Hats say a lot about who we are. They can tell much about personality, our occupation, our heritage and our lives in general—including what we like to read. Have students design their own Reading Hat using materials from the recycling bin such as cardboard and clean plastic tubs or have them reuse an old hat for fashioning their creations. Encourage them to add fun embellishments that reflect their interests.

To complete their Reading Hat, ask students to draw their own colorful rendition of the cover of a favorite book or character from a favorite book and have them attach their drawings to their hats. Have students wear their Reading Hats as they parade in front of classmates and talk about their hat and book. Ask them to each share why they think their book is great and talk about why they think others would like to read it. Take the Reading Hat Parade outside for others to see or plan to share hats virtually if distance learning is happening.

Questions for Discussion or Reflective Writing

Why do people wear hats? Do you like wearing hats? Why or why not?

Do you have a special or favorite hat? What’s the story behind your hat?

If you could were going to make a hat, what would your hat look like?

Tiara’s mother is talented at making hats. What are Tiara’s talents? How does she use them? How do you use your own talents?

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